7.75″ Jumbo Paper Straws, Wrapped, 3,000 Ct.


Popular drinking straws tissue wrapped for “contactless” restaurant handout. Free USA shipping.


SAFE, MADE IN THE USA. Astraws® are sized 7.75 inch length x 0.25 inch dia. They are tissue wrapped for “contactless” handout and wrapped in a plastic liner. There are 3,000 straws per case pack. These American-made eco-friendly paper straws are made at our advanced, food safe-compliant paper straw manufacturing facility situated in Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.A.. Our straws are independent laboratory evaluated to be USA as well as EU Food Safe Compliant. Astraws® are produced to UNITED STATES requirements so you know they are secure for daily usage. These are excellent for bars, dining establishments, hotels and day-to-day usage.

STURDY, WON’T BREAK DOWN IN YOUR LIPS. Never once more will you need to opt for flimsy paper straws that fall apart in your lips after a couple of sips. Our long-lasting drinking straws will not get soaked and break down like various other paper straws do. Dining establishments as well as resorts enjoy our biodegradable paper drinking straws because one paper straw can commonly be used over several drinks per customer. Astraws® brand name paper straws are the perfect substitute for plastic straws that pollute the planet.

TASTE YOUR BEVERAGE; NOT THE PAPER. Choose Astraws® brand straws and never go for cheap paper straws that destroy your beverage with that paper after-taste! Our straws are taste-free, odorless as well as allergen-free. We have the world’s only water resistant paper straws. Our straws are made of a patented white kraft paper that keeps them from getting soggy inside and out. Ultimately, this is your one chance to utilize a paper straw that will not taste like paper and wreck your drink!

PERFECT FOR EVERY SINGLE CELEBRATION. Our white jumbo straws are neutral in appearance and also excellent for all occasions. Astraws® are the most effective paper straw for your juices, trembles, shakes, cocktails and cold coffee. Utilize our straws as birthday events, bridal and also children showers, wedding party, housewarming celebrations, outings, as well as holiday events. Buy paper straws factory-direct. Utilize them as you need.

DITCH PLASTIC, SAVE THE WORLD. Astraws® are tough, paper drinking straws that last longer and also help you in ditching plastic. Our eco friendly, compostable and also recyclable paper straws are the perfect replacement for plastic straws that trash the earth. They meet decomposition demands of ASTM D 6868-11 so felt confident that they will break apart and go away anywhere they end up. Never ever stress over contaminating the earth once again when you pick Astraws® biodegradable paper drinking straws.

This item ships as 9.7 lbs in a 18″x12″x12″ case pack via FedEx Ground.


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