5.75″ Cocktail Paper Straws, Unwrapped, 8,000 Ct.


Eco-friendly, unwrapped paper cocktail straws for bars, restaurants or parties. Free USA shipping.

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MADE IN USA; QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST. These American-made cocktail straws are 5.75 inch long x 0.25 inch outside diameter. Straws are packed in a plastic bag liner, unwrapped at 8,000 straws/case. These biodegradable straws are made at our state-of-the-art, FDA Food Safe Compliant paper straw factory located in Manhattan, KS. Straws are independent lab tested to be FDA and EU Food Safe Compliant.

STURDY PAPER STRAWS WON’T FALL APART IN YOUR LIPS OR DRINK. Never again will you have to settle for cheap, flimsy paper straws that fall apart in your lips after a few sips. Never again do you have to taste the paper straw, instead of your drink. Restaurant owners love Astraws® paper straws because one cocktail straw will last over multiple drinks. These are the perfect replacement for plastic cocktail straws that pollute.

TASTE THE DRINK; NOT THE PAPER. Never again do you have to taste the paper straw, instead of your drink. These cocktail straws are taste-free and odor-free. You taste the cocktail and not the paper. They are safe for everyday use.

GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION.  Astraws® premium cocktail paper straws are perfect for drinking sodas, juices, water, milk, and your favorite alcoholic beverage. They last longer without falling apart like all the others straws. So now there is no need to change straws after a few sips.

ELIMINATE PLASTIC WASTE.  Astraws® paper straws are sturdy and long lasting. Yet they are 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. These eco friendly straws meet the disintegration requirements of ASTM D 6868-11. So rest assured that your paper straw will disintegrate where ever it ends up after your use. Never worry about pollution Mother Earth when you use Astraws® biodegradable paper straws.

This item ships as 16.2 lbs in a 18″x12″x12″ case pack via FedEx Ground.


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