7.75″ Jumbo Paper Straws, Wrapped, 200 Ct.


Large diameter Giant paper straws for smoothies, milkshakes, or most any beverage. Recloseable carton.

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SAFE, MADE IN THE U.S.A. Astraws® Jumbo paper straws are tissue-wrapped and sized 7.75 inch size x 0.25 inch dia. They are packed 200 straws/carton. Using tissue wrapped straws allows you to hand them out in a “contactless” manner. These premium, USA-made naturally degradable paper straws are made at our advanced, food safe-compliant paper straw manufacturing facility situated in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Our straws are independent lab tested and also accredited to be U.S.A. and also EU Food Safe Compliant. Astraws® are manufactured to UNITED STATES requirements so you recognize they are safe for day-to-day use. These are perfect for bars, dining establishments, resorts and also household use.

DURABLE, WON’T FALL APART IN YOUR LIPS. The days of using lightweight paper straws that break down in your lips after a few sips are over. Our durable paper drinking straws won’t get soggy and break down like other paper straws do. Dining establishments as well as hotels like our biodegradable paper drinking straws because one paper straw can commonly be used over numerous drinks per client. Astraws® brand name paper straws are the perfect replacement for plastic straws that contaminate the earth.

TASTE YOUR DRINK; NOT THE PAPER. Pick Astraws® brand name straws and never ever go for cheap paper straws that wreck your beverage with that bad paper after-taste! Our straws are taste-free, odor-free as well as allergen-free. We have the planet’s only water resistant paper straws. These long lasting straws are made of a proprietary white kraft paper that keeps them from getting soggy throughout. Finally, this is your one big chance to utilize a paper straw that won’t taste like paper and ruin your beverage!

BEST FOR EVERY EVENT. Our white jumbo straws are neutral in look and ideal for all celebrations. Astraws® are the very best paper straw for your sodas, juices, trembles, healthy smoothies, mixed drinks as well as iced coffee. Use our straws as birthday celebration products, bridal as well as baby showers, wedding receptions, housewarming parties, barbecues, and holiday events. Buy paper straws wholesale. Open/close the carton. Utilize them as you need. Buy them direct from our paper straw factory.

DITCH PLASTIC, SAVE THE PLANET. Astraws® are durable, paper alcohol consumption straws last much longer and assist you in pursuit of ditching plastic. Our eco friendly, compostable and also recyclable paper straws are the excellent substitute for plastic straws that litter the earth. They satisfy the degradability requirements of ASTM D 6868-11 so you’ll feel confident that they will certainly disintegrate and go away wherever they wind up. Never ever worry about contaminating the earth once again when you select Astraws® naturally degradable paper drinking straws.

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