This article describes plastic straws, plastic straw bans and how many businesses are making the switch away from plastic straws and choosing paper straws instead.

In a recent article, reported that a group of amusement parks under the name “Merlin” discontinued the use of plastic straws in their amusement parks. The plastic ban is to be complete by the end of the year 2019.

So why the move away from plastic straws?

It seems that the television series “The Blue Planet” had a lot to do with creating an awareness of the waste that is being produced with plastic. The elimination of plastic straws is just one way to reduce the plastic waste.

Merlin isn’t the first amusement park group to make the move away from plastic drinking straws.

Amusement park operators like Disney, SeaWorld and PortAventura have all made announcement about their intent to move away from plastic straws. This follows the industry leadership of such brands as McDonald’s and Starbucks. It’s been reported that both McDonald’s and Starbucks have made the move to paper straws instead of plastic.

Paper Straws Instead of Plastic

As time goes on, you will continue to see more and more businesses move towards the use of paper straws for drinking.


Paper straws and biodegradable and can disintegrate in landfills unlike plastic straws. Straws made of paper are also compostable. In short, paper straws are the eco-friendly choice when choosing a drinking straw.

Paper Straws That Don’t Fall Apart

The biggest knock that some have against paper straws is that they can fall apart.

Yes they can fall apart.. IF.. they are made of inferior paper and glue.

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