This article describes paper straws, PLA plastic straws and their ability to biodegrade naturally. Are you being fooled by PLA plastic claims of biodegradability?

pla plastic straws are not biodegradable

Plastic straws are quickly being replaced throughout the USA and the rest of the world. They are being replaced by quality paper straws. So what does that mean for these USA-based plastic straw manufacturers? Are they converting to paper straws to stay in business?

Not necessarily.

Some plastic straw manufacturers are changing to polylactic acid (PLA) plastic straws. They are touting these straws as biodegradable and compostable when they are really not.

PLA is a “biodegradable” bioplastic. It is made from corn biomass. While PLA can indeed biodegrade into water and carbon dioxide.. it will only happen under the right conditions.

High Humidity, High Temperature

In order for PLA to biodegrade, it requires high humidity and high temperature. This environment does not occur naturally. You cannot expect your PLA straw to biodegrade in your landfill or your backyard compost pile. says that your PLA straw is much like every other piece of plastic floating around in the environment. Instead of biodegrading in the ground like a paper straw would, your PLA straw will sit in the landfill or your backyard for hundreds or thousands of years. In effect, your PLA straw is like every other piece of plastic waste floating out there in the world.

PLA Plastic Straws Are Not Eco-Friendly

There are many companies touting PLA plastic straws as an eco-friendly straw when they are really not so buyer beware!

Paper Straws – The Biodegradable Choice makes their paper straws with paper that has been tested and proven to be both biodegradable and compostable. Their straws are made with a patent pending eco-friendly, FDA compliant paper that repels water for up to 5 days.

Earth-Friendly Paper Straws

The paper has been tested per OECD 208 & ASTM D-6002 test methods. Results show that when the paper was mixed with soil, the growth and germination of summer barley and beef steak tomato plants were not affected.

Are you ready for a great paper straw that is both biodegradable and compostable?

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