This describes paper straws. Some people 2 or more paper straws to finish their drink. Wasteful, right? Really, you only need 1 good paper straw.

I am sitting here reading Mark Bunting’s editorial where he complains of having to use 2 paper straws per drink. He says that getting rid of plastic straws in place of paper straws saves nothing.  He says:

“Think of the trees that will die!”

He goes onto say that while he was on vacation, he had to use an average of 2 paper straws per drink as they fell apart during the drinking process.

If I had to have 2 straws just to finish a drink, I too would think about going back to plastic.

Drinking out of paper straws should not have to be this difficult.

And now it isn’t.

One Straw Is Enough

water resistant paper straw made in usa 3

Astraws® brand drinking straws are water resistant.

You see.. when you have a great paper straw, you should really only need one good one to complete your drink, right?

At, we produce our straws using EnviroPaper®. This is a proprietary paper that is water repellant up to 5 days time. No longer will your drink become soggy by soaking up your favorite beverage. Instead, it repels the fluid from the inside and outside surfaces. It allows your straw to stay “dry” and retain its shape while you sip and enjoy your favorite cold beverage!

Paper straws are the way of the future. Don’t take my word for it. Companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks are moving away from plastic and moving towards paper to eliminate plastic straw waste.

And it’s not just large companies moving away from plastic in favor of paper. Whole cities are moving to ban plastic in favor again of paper.

Learn more about our great paper straws when you browse our straw selection above.