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Have you ever wondered how the best paper straws made in the USA are actually made?

Pay close attention as we reveal these insider secrets..

Making the best paper straws means paying attention to the following:

  • Quality Food Grade Kraft Paper
  • Quality Food Grade Glue
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • FDA and EU Food Safe Compliance Testing
  • Biodegradable Paper Straws
  • Long, Short, Large, Small, Wrapped, or Unwrapped

Now, let me describe the process in detail below:

Quality Paper Straws Start With Food Grade Kraft Paper

paper straw kraft paperAt our Great Paper Straws paper straw factory, we produce the Astraws® brand water resistant paper straws™. To do so, we use a proprietary, patented kraft paper. So while most of the world uses 4 layers to make their straws, we are able to make a sturdy, long-lasting paper straws using only 3 layers. That saves the world a tremendous amount of natural resources.

Our paper straws are the world’s only water resistant paper straws™.  They last longer without falling apart in your lips. And they don’t generate a funny paper after taste. You actually taste your drink instead of paper when you use our straws.

Each lot of paper is tracked so we know what day it was used to make straws, and where those straws were sent. Our paper has been independently lab tested and found to be FDA and EU Food Safe Compliant. That means they are safe to be used for drinking your favorite beverage.

Quality Paper Straws Use Food Grade Glue

We have worked with one of the world’s foremost glue manufacturer to find a glue that provides superior adhesion to our kraft paper. Paper adhesion is everything when it comes to making a quality paper straw. Each ply of paper must stay adhered to the other play of paper so that fluid does not wick between the layers of paper. When they do wick, the straw becomes soggy, or simply falls apart in  your lips or drink.

Our glue formulation has been independently lab tested to be FDA and EU Food Safe Compliant. This is important because so many cheap paper straws on the market are not tested to this standard, nor could they meet the standard for Food Safety.

We also continuously test our glue to ensure it is microbe and bacteria free. Each lot of glue is tracked so we know what day what glue was use to make straws and where those straws were sent.

Quality Paper Straws Require Craftsmanship

paper straws made in usaMaking the best paper straws made in the USA is part artistry, part craftsmanship.

While the desire of the straw maker machine operator is to run the machine as fast as possible to make as many straws as possible, machine speed has to be balanced with room temperature, room humidity, glue temperature, and the angles of which each paper layer is delivered to the winding mandrel. It’s clearly a fine balance of all those variables on any given day to make the best paper straws possible.

We do continuous quality checks throughout the day to ensure that our paper straws are wrapping and sealing properly. Each straw lot is carefully recorded for quality control and product traceability.

quality paper straws made in the usa

FDA and EU Food Safe Compliance Testing

A high quality paper straw made in the USA must also be food safe so that it does not harm people.

We have had our paper straws independent lab test to ensure that they are safe for consumer use. Astraws® brand paper straws meet or exceed the stringent FDA requirements of US FDA 21 CFR 176.170. They pass the even more stringent European Council Directives and Resolutions. We do all this testing so that you know you have a safe, quality paper straw for you and your family to use.

Food Safety testing of paper straws is important to us. It shows the world that we produce a quality paper straw at our Manhattan, Kansas paper straw factory. In today’s world where viruses can spread throughout the world, it’s important to know that the paper straw that you put into your lips are safe and sanitary.

Biodegradable Paper Straws

Astraws® brand water resistant paper straws™ are becoming a world favorite because they’re sturdy, long-lasting, yet they’re disposable. These are 100% biodegradable paper straws, 100% compostable straws, 100% recyclable straws. Unlike plastic straws that pollute the world for centuries, Astraws® paper straws do the world no harm. They have been independently lab tested to meet or exceed the disintegration requirements of ASTM D 6868-11. So you can rest assured that your new favorite paper straws will certainly disintegrate and disappear wherever they wind up. Never again will you have to stress over polluting the earth again when you choose Astraws® eco-friendly paper drinking straws.

Long, Short, Large, Small, Wrapped, or Unwrapped

Astraws® brand water resistant paper straws are available as:

All straws are white so they are neutral in look to go with most any setting and occasion.

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best paper straws made in usa