, based in Manhattan, Kansas, has announced that they are a new USA manufacturer of water resistant biodegradable paper straws. These straws are made from EnviroPaper®, which is a patent-pending water resistant and food safe paper. They are being sold via a network of food service distributors, and restaurants as well as on Amazon under the Astraws® brand name.

Enrique Garibay, owner of, says, “We are likely the only Minority Business Entity (MBE) manufacturer of paper straws in USA. Our straws last long because they are made from EnviroPaper® which is a patent-pending food safe paper that is water resistant. They don’t fall apart in your lips like many other straws do.”

He continues, “Astraws® brand paper straws are the world’s only patent-pending water-resistant paper straws. They set the Gold Standard for paper straws worldwide. EnviroPaper® is a bio coating that makes the paper straw water resistant. Water resistant paper straws last longer, so you and your guests will use fewer of them while enjoying their drinks.”

An important characteristic of Astraws® is that they are environment-friendly. They are 100 percent biodegradable, 100 percent recyclable, and 100 percent compostable. Unlike the polylactic acid (PLA) thermoplastic straws that require the high pressure and temperature found in a commercial composting facility, Astraws® disintegrate naturally in the soil. The result is that they will not fill landfills like PLA straws do.

The Astraws® are also being offered as premium eco-friendly paper straws on Amazon. Unlike the regular paper straws, the Astraws® will last much longer because they are water resistant being made from the patent-pending EnviroPaper®. They are also taste- and odor-free, and because of their water resistance, they will last longer while immersed in any cold or hot beverage unlike the other paper straws that will fall apart after a short while.

The material used for the Astraws® paper straws are FDA and EU compliant as food safe materials, which means that they are safe for the whole family, guests, and customers. These paper straws are white in color, which means they are attractive and appropriate for use in parties and gatherings. In fact, they have been observed to glisten in the light when placed in a drink. They are appropriate for birthday parties, holiday parties, baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, and more.

These straws can be used for various kinds of beverages, including drinking water sodas, juices, milk, and even alcoholic beverages. They remain intact while people are sipping their favorite beverages without having to change straws after just a few sips.

Although recently released, the Astraws® paper straws have already earned a five star review. Mauricio P. has given the straws a five star rating and said, “[…] I have personal issues with straws made out of paper. They feel icky but it is all for the dolphins. Now, having said that, this brand is the best I have found so far, in terms of resistance. They can last way longer inside your drink before you can feel they lose stiffness.”

The paper straws can be purchased from in bulk by either the box or pallet. They are sold as wrapped straws, unwrapped paper straws, or unwrapped straws in carton boxes. They are available at either wholesale or retail pricing.

Enrique wants to point out that people who want to save the Earth from single-use plastic can depend on the Astraws® biodegradable paper straws. He explains that they are a family of entrepreneurs. They are a registered Minority Business Enterprise with the State of Kansas and with the Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council.

Enrique relates how in the Summer of 2018, during which the environmental damage being wrought by single use plastic straws was very much in the news, they decided to set up a USA paper straw factory. They were traveling to various places looking for the necessary equipment when they met the creator and patent holder of EnviroPaper®, which is considered to be the world’s only grease-resistant and water-resistant food grade kraft paper. And the rest, or course, is history.

Those who require more information regarding the eco paper straw provided by can visit their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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